My name is Mariana, and I opened Muse Fashion Store in 2009. The shop is located in Foz do Douro, a small and cozy area just by the sea, in Porto city.

 After a few (long) years in the fashion industry, I decided to create my own space, where I could materialize my view on fashion.

I love unexpected combinations, subtle details and understated sophistication. I believe in high quality, in timeless pieces and in creating unique styles that are a reflection of one’s soul. I’m inspired by the charm of Porto, by the diversity of its architecture, the warmth of our people and the harsh waves that invade our shores.

​I aim at helping women dare a new style, discover a more audacious side in themselves, try a new dress, pattern or accessory that will help them feel great about themselves.

 ​And with all these elements waving in my head, I go around the world in search of brands which I believe create pieces that will give every look that unique and exquisite touch, may it be due to a distinct pattern, fabric, or shape.

 ​If you got this far, chances are we’ll meet at Muse!

See you soon,